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Hunting Organizer

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- Solunar Forecast with detailed hourly graphs for the next 30 days- Weather Forecast with weather data for the next 16 days- Adding unlimited locations - Hunting Diary – so you can track & store your hunting adventures with photos - Share your Achievements with your friends on facebook, twitter or whats app- Configurable Dashboard – so you have all informations ready when you need them- Maps, Orientation & Compass - Offline Functionality- Imperial and metric unitsThe tool for the modern hunter. Straightforward, intuitive and reliable.
No matter if you go for Big Game and want to share your trophy, or if you need to keep track of your hunting gear. Hunting Organizer will support you.
------------Forecast - Success requires preparation.
Hunting Organizer provides detailed forecasts for reliable planning - schedule your hunting trip when optimum conditions prevail. Location-based and worldwide weather and solunar data, sunrise/sunset times, lunar phases, lighting conditions and much more:- 24h and up to 16 day weather forecast- Weather warnings and advanced weather graphs- Sun and lunar cycle with moon set and moon rise times- Solunar calender and solunar tables- detailed solunar ratings/graphs for up to 30 days in the future------------Hunting Diary - Log your adventures & store your trophies
Any sighting, shot and kill can be logged quickly and easily. Create an entry, select species and add a photo – all relevant data such as location, time and weather will be added automatically. Even the distance of he shot can be tracked. All entries can be synched with all your devices and the cloud – they'll be available wherever you are, plus you won't have to worry about data loss should you lose your device. All your photos and detailed descriptions (Ammunition, Gun, Distance for the shot, and many more) are stored online.
The listing of your achievements can be filtered by many categories, for example which ammunition was used, or which game you went for. Our tag system supports you and makes using the hunting diary super easy. To make it even more convenient for you, our tag system has presets for over 2500 ammunition sets - from A-Square, over Hornady and Remington to Z- Max. So no more typing – just selecting.
Share your logged adventures on Facebook, Google+ and many more - and stay up to date with your friends' achievements from within the app.
An overview of your Shots and Sightings you get via the Hunting Ground Screen. All your entries are shown on a map view with additional information.
If you are not sure about the shots distance, don't worry, with our distance tool you just mark the position of the shooter and the target on the map of your Hunting Area and Hunting Organizer calculates the shot distance.
------------Maps & Orientation - navigating the wild.
- Always knowing where you are is crucial out in the wilderness. These tools will help you navigate in the wilderness, even when you're offline.- topographic and satellite maps- compass for outdoor navigation - map view ------------Configurable Dashboard - all your tools at a glance.
Place your favorite functions on the Dashboard for quick overview and direct access. Configure it to show your most relevant information at a glance – and switch between multiple locations with a simple swipe.Everything under control - you'll know days ahead where hunting will be most promising, what the weather will be like and what your friends are up to. For a better experience in Twilight the Interface automatically changes to a dark theme when using outdoor at night.
Features in the next Update:We are constantly working on updates and new Features. If there are any features you would like to see in one of the next updates just write to